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Good Nightmare

Sep 12, 2018

Today's episode covers a gruesome unsolved case: The Villisca Axe Murders. When a family is murdered in their own home, is there such thing as too many suspects?

Content warning for child murder, mention of possible sexual assault of a child. These are not discussed in detail in the episode, however, listener discretion...

Aug 29, 2018

This episode covers the life of Robert Stroud. A notorious USA criminal and Alcatraz legend, though not for the reasons you might expect.

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Aug 15, 2018

Today's Good Nightmare episode is a retelling of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen.


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Aug 1, 2018

Today's episode is all about the Bell Witch, the legend that inspired The Blair Witch Project. Stay tuned to hear some movie trivia!


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Jul 18, 2018

This episode covers a particularly brutal unsolved murder case.


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